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About us

logo zoomomentsOur site, zoomoments.com is a professional, informative and entertaining magazine that is concerned with the vivid and diverse world of zoos. It mostly contains own material. The staff consists of active members of present zoo life. Our goal is to operate a continuously updated and expanded magazine.

We would like to show how others are working elsewhere, what they have achieved and what experiences they have got during the years. Furthermore it is important for us to show the tireless work carried out behind the scenes and we would also like to introduce those people to whom the zoo trade has a lot to thank for, those who make us proud. Finally, we present to you where zoos came from, where they are at the moment and what future might await them. Since life produces so many moments worth mentioning, we wish to preserve these often unique moments and show them to you!
Our site wishes to address the numerous community of the zoo trade, professionals and students interested in science, and last but not least, the curious and open-minded visitors.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to >>contact<< us.

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