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  • Animals

    AnimalsThe animals are the most important in a zoo - it is not surprising. Birth, caring, feeding, training, healing - you can find everything here, which are related to zoo animals.

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  • Design

    ZoodesignBuilding and equipping well an artificial habitat, which should be acceptable equally for the animals and humans (both workers and visitors) - so, it is a very difficult task. It should be safe, habitable, operable, informative and beautiful... Stealing a good idea is not a crime in the zoo community!

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  • Education

    Zoo educationWhat is the most important role of zoos in the modern era? One of the most common reply: the education! The zoos are the best place to teach the importance of environment protection and saving living creatures. The zoos bring close the animals to us to show what we could lose if we don't change our behaviour.

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  • Conservation

    zoo conservationA modern zoo is a centre of conservation. It manages both ex situ and in situ projects, from breeding endangeres species to supporting field researches. In addition, these zoos look as show-windows of conservation, millions of visitors can see their work.

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  • Zoolife

    ZoolifeThe people of zoo community deserve to speak about their work. Keepers, curators, vets, zooeducators, technicians, clerks, managers and volunteers - although their work is far from the dream what outsiders suppose, but it is still a very interesting and challenging job.

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  • History

    ZoohistoryThe idea of zoos, keeping wild animals in a garden is several thousands years old. In the modern era the zoos serve the conservation and education besides the public entertrainment. This change was due to many dedicated and talented zooworkers and ideologist. We can read about the milestones of zoohistory in this category.

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  • Thinking about

    Thinking aboutThere are many questions, which make the zooworkers debate. There are different ideas, and - as it is common - most of different opinions deserve to speak about. Don't forget, the debate and arguing could result the best answer!

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  • We are zoo people

    best zoomomentsCollection of the best personal zoomoments - sent by you!

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