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3+1 Simple but Superb Exhibits

Doctor fish; Haus des Meeres, Wien (Photo: Thicius)Perhaps it is not an exaggeration to say that the most popular type of exhibit in all zoos is the "petting zoo". I am primarily thinking of ones where you can see and touch domestic animals such as goats, sheep, rabbits, horses, etc. Animals of this type can be found in almost every institution.
However let us admit, no matter how popular these "see and touch" exhibitions are, the vast majority of animals cannot tolerate the physical contact with visitors well. But what can we do if we really want to create something similar with exotic animals? Actually, we have quite a lot of options. Let us look around in some zoos to solve this task: 3+1 "see and touch" interactive exhibits with fishes and insects.

Ray exhibit in Zoo Budapest (Photo: Thicius)For many of us, stingray exhibits would first come to mind when thinking of such enclosures so let's start with these. If we are thinking about marine species, simplicity and cheapness shouldn’t be the guiding principles, but there are freshwater species that can be kept much cheaper. As always, it is important to adhere to the rules and take into account that these animals are not toys. There are some aquarium exhibits that allow children to touch fishes. Of course, these fishes might be less exotic than rays but we cannot say they are less interesting or exciting.

We might not have thought that this well-known species that is popular all over the world could be petted. The best part is that it is easy to keep and breed. A spectacular aquarium for koi can be set up cheaply and easily. Although these fish are unable to cause any serious injuries, such as the rays, it is still important to take safety precautions into account for the security of both animals and visitors.

Koi tank in Haus des Meeres, Wien (Photo: Thicius) Koi tank in Haus des Meeres, Wien (Photo: Thicius)






Doctor fish
The doctor fish "service" is one of the most popular in many beauty salons and nowadays it is available in more and more zoos as well. There are some zoos where you can try this during the entire opening hours, and in others it is available only once or twice a day.

If we said that fishes are not too popular animals, what do you think about insects? Many visitors are afraid of these animals and claim that they are disgusting. What can we do about this? Yes, offer a non-stop cockroach petting zoo! We really cannot say it is impracticable or even particularly expensive and that it is not great.
Surely the list could go on for a long time. If you have seen an interesting exhibit, please feel free to tell the editorial staff.

Cockroach  exhibition in Zoo Budapest (Photo: Thicius) Cockroach  exhibition in Zoo Budapest (Photo: Thicius)

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