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  • Written by Tamás Veress
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Life-giving Waters of Africa – Afrykarium in Wrocław Zoo

On the opening day (photo credit: Wroclaw Zoo)Wrocław Zoo is the oldest zoo in Poland: it was opened to the public in 1865, so the zoo celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. Hence it is not surprising that at present it is one of the most respected zoos not only in Poland but also in Europe. The zoo had had a big dream for six years – and now the dream came true. At the end of last year Wrocław Zoo’s new exhibition, the „Afrykarium – Life-giving Waters of Africa” was opened.

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“Improving zoo design work in any country is a challenge” – interview with Monika Fiby (ZooLex)

Mrs. Monika Fiby (Source: ZooLex)I suppose you all know ZooLex as a very useful website dedicated to zoo design. The ZooLex Zoo Design Organization was established by Mrs. Monika Fiby, an Austrian landscape architect, to help improve the conditions of captive wild animals. The website has been developed using input from zoo professionals as part of Monika's studies in landscape architecture in 2000. Its database has grown considerably since then; now it is a must for everyone involved in zoo design work.  We asked Mrs. Fiby for an interview and she kindly answered our questions with great patience.

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