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  • Written by Tamás Veress
  • Category: Education
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How does the Ball get into the Cage?

Zoo Marketing harnessing the FIFA World Cup

Southern three-banded armadillo (photo: elajos)The world’s attention turns to soccer in June and July every fourth year. Even many of those who otherwise are not interested in this sport, observe it during this time. This is the reason why the World Cups have been offering such a marketing opportunity in the past decades that zoos also have taken to exploit. The 20th World Cup is in full swing in Brazil these weeks and it is also connected to the world of zoos in many ways, so we cannot ignore it either.

We could meet a lot of popular favourites in connection with the Brazilian World Cup even before its start, it is enough to mention the former football stars Pelé or Ronaldo who have made several media appearances during the organization stage. However, Fuleco, the mascot of the World Cup, is even more interesting for us than them.

Enter the zoo world!