The Very First Moment

Crocodile in egg (photo: elajos)What do you think could fit into a single moment? What can this time be enough for? The question can seem petty or even hollow at first sight, or we tend to think that the answer is: little, hardly anything. But if we give more thought to the question and examine it thoroughly we find that great battles were decided and fates of people were sealed in moments. What’s more, there are joyous moments that make us whole by accompanying us throughout our lives – we remember these forever!

So, certain moments can have historical significance, most of them can never be repeated. Such moments were the foundations of the first zoos, the first succesful breedings, unusual discoveries, gap-filling publications. Believe it or not, You, Dear Reader, are witness to such a historical moment!

Hereby we solemnly set off zoomoments.com, the fruit of several months’ work of a few zoo professionals. The moment is historical because you can be among the first people to browse a website that is gap-filling and unique of its kind. The site is unique and authentic since it has been created and is developed gradually by currently active zoo professionals. The website is therefore intended to be concerned with the vivid and diverse world of zoos. It is our resolution to show how others are working elsewhere, what they have achieved and what experiences they have got during the years. Furthermore it is important for us to show the tireless work carried out behind the scenes and we would also like to introduce those people to whom the zoo trade has a lot to thank for, those who make us proud. We also present to you where zoos came from, where they are at the moment and what future might await them, what their main objectives are and how they can achieve these the most effectively.

We have to accept that today’s modern zoos have left the past behind and unquestionably have become determining and useful representatives of our society. Their operation is characterized by the following four functions: nature and species conservation, scientific research, education, and entertainment and recreation. This complex work feeds the everyday operation of zoomoments.com. You can be sure to get first-hand information about what zoos are like within! Who would not want to peer behind the scenes?

It is important for us to emphasize that zoomoments.com always strives to be unique, so you will not find a mere collection of news here, but own writings and accounts made by the staff. Since nowadays something that is not documented on photo or video is considered virtually nonexistent, our website cannot lack these either, especially since a well-shot photo can say more about a single moment than pages of text. All of you have seen such a thing, haven’t you? Perhaps You also have one of these on your hard disk!

So, in short, life produces so many noteworthy moments in the world of zoos that would be a shame not to preserve for posterity! We would like not only to preserve but also to present to You these often onefold moments. Believe us, the everyday life of a zoo is made of not only cute new-born animals and tragical, extraordinary events, it is much more vivid and interesting, as you are going to experience it on the website.

We divided our website into headings so that You can reach the content of your preference quickly and easily. Different topics can be found under „Categories”. By clicking on „Specials” you can reach content that is expected to awe the greatest experts (Zoom and Relax). The former analyzes serious professional topics in scientific detail, the latter provides relaxing ease. Humour, as it is known, has played an important role in the work of even the greatest scientists, so it is an integral part of our magazine, too. Humour is a gift that eases even the heaviest of burdens!

Last but not least we emphasize community building: we call and expect interested amateurs and professionals alike, since our work makes sense only if You read us and share your opinions and experiences with us! If you have seen or experienced something that can be interesting for others, that is unique and unrepeatable, please contact us in order to make it available for others, too! Do not despair if you cannot find the topics or events that are the most interesting for you! Contact us and we try to examine the most interesting requests as soon as possible. Accompany us in every moment!

zoomoments.com – The Zoo Within!

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