Do you have a great zoo story? Share it with us!

Otter and weasel babies are playing together (photo: elajos)Babies of two mustelids - one of the largest, the Eurasian otter and one of the smallest, the least weasel - are playing as best friends in a box. Is it surprising? Maybe, but this kind of moments is not unique in zoo life. We can experience many similarly strange, cute or exciting things which make our work happier and easier.

Are you an experienced zoo worker and you would not have thought that you could be surprised like a callow beginner? Are you a callow beginner and you meet the first case which differs from everything you had learnt before? Are you a volunteer who just realized how strange the world of zoos is? Are you a visitor who was an eyewitness of a great moment before the zoo workers arrived? Please send your stories, images or videos to us, we would be happy to share and write about their backgrounds: info@zoomoments.com!

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