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“We don't need no education...”

Oriental small-clawed otter (Aonyx cinerea)Thicius's story: Sometimes, when I have some free time, I like to walk among visitors. You can hear some interesting or funny conversations and it often turns out that children are smarter than their parents.

The family was standing in front of the Oriental small-clawed otters’ (Aonyx cinerea) enclosure and watching the otters playing happily.

I witnessed the following conversation:

Father: Look at these beavers my son!
Son: I think these are otters from Asia, we have learned about it at school.
Father: I am sure they’re beavers. There are a lot of logs in the enclosure, they eat them. Otters eat fish, not wood!
Mother: Listen to your father, otherwise you remain stupid.

The father's reasoning is absolutely correct, but...
I hope the child believed his teacher or read the info panel! If you doubt the importance of (zoo) education, please don't! As you can see from the example above, zoo education is one of the most important missions in our work.

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