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Dental Surgery of a Leopard

Persian leopard (Panthera pardus saxicolor) (photo: Damson)A few years ago my colleagues and I waited excitedly for the first Persian leopard (Panthera pardus saxicolor) to arrive at our zoo. We were quite happy when the young female leopard moved into our quarantine. However, she was still living in the quarantine when the keepers noticed that she ate less than before. They increased attention and so they saw that the lower left canine of the leopard was broken. Since the open tooth cavity is an invitation to bacteria and other infections, a rapid intervention was necessary. Our veterinarians contacted a vet who specializes in veterinary dentistry. Thanks to good cooperation, a few days later the leopard was immobilised and the intervention began. The action required substantial preparations and increased attention. The tooth cavity was cleaned, disinfected by medical laser and filled in during the intervention. After this our leopard had no problem with her teeth and she still has a good appetite.

 The broken lower left canine (photo: Damson)  Cleaning of the tooth cavity (photo: Damson)
 Cleaning of the tooth cavity (photo: Damson)  Filling in of the tooth cavity (photo: Damson)

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