Funny zoomoments – as we see them I.

A surprising zoo moment (source: Youtube)The year 2014 is about to end. It was a very important year particularly since it was the year when this website was born. Yes, we know there were some other, less significant events too, but who cares about a public autopsy and other ‘insignificant’ scandals now? So, although we could recall several stern and scientific events of zoo life, we decided to present some less serious moments – just for your entertainment! Moreover, we plan to go on with it in the next year to make you begin the New Year in a funny mood.

Thicius’ collection:

Did you know what the best daily programme for the anteaters is? Yes, you are right: to find and eat some ants, many-many ants. And what is the second best programme? Nobody knows, maybe a date with another anteater or sleeping all over the day? Or relaxing in a pool? It is quite likely since they like wellness very much! Check this fact in this video!

Manatees are very powerful, robust mammals and of course they are very-very cute, too! (One of my favourites, actually.) The safety glass is strong as well, but unfortunately it is not a very nice thing, not obviously, at least. But what happens if a manatee meets glass? It is nearly certain that you will fall in love with the manatees forever! Manatee vs glass! Let the match begin!

Damson’s collection:

We have seen what happens when a manatee meets safety glass. Now we can see when a lion (Panthera leo) meets safety glass in Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – with a baby on the other side of the glass. Probably it was feeding time. Or probably the lion has strong maternal instincts too, so she just wanted to caress and wash the baby.

As we could see in the previous video, safety glass can offer a good opportunity of interaction between visitors and the animals. It is so in San Diego Zoo too, where a kid shows adult visitors how a spot-necked otter (Hydrictis maculicollis) chases fish during its hunt with fast turns. Thus the video illustrates well the educational role of zoos.

Elajos’ collection:
The smiling monster escaped!
In the country of huge and extremely dangerous city destroyers, the inhabitants take disaster management very seriously. Besides the historical monsters (like Godzilla), there is a new risk: the mutagenic effect of Fukushima, that could result in the birth of new creatures. For example there is the Pandilla (or Gorinda), the formidable mixture of the greatest ape and the popular bear species. So, in Japan it is important to practice city defence in the zoos, too. As you can see in the video, this creature was imagined as a cute monster, which could also be dangerous. The zoo employees had to suppress its aggressive instincts, so they used rhythmic net vibration to make it dance. The embarrassed monster was too careless and a car full of men crept behind it to shoot it in the butt. Banzai!

Walrus, the singer
The secret is revealed: now you can see Walrus, the Norwegian black metal singer without face paint during taking singing lessons. Moreover, Walrus proves to be capable of singing even a lovely pop song! He surely has talent!

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