Funny zoomoments – as we see them II.

Mongooses and balls (source: Youtube)According to the promise we made last year, we continue the line of funny zoo moments in 2015 too. Of course this does not mean that our website will be turned into a silly “humorous” site (one of the millions of these), but in the first week of the New Year it is acceptable to stay relaxed. Have fun watching them!

Thicius’ collection:
Have you ever seen an extremely cute penguin? Not until now, believe me, unless you have seen this video or have met „Cookie” face to face before! This is the bright side of penguin keeping! By the way, do you know how a real penguin keeper can be recognized in the zoo? Their hands are covered with tweak marks. And how can lions keepers be recognized?

This video contain two interesting things, the first is the behind the scenes house of the koalas in Edinburgh Zoo. The second one is the more important: a koala that runs fast, very fast! Is it the only one, the Chosen? Watch the super koala of Scotland!

Damson’s collection:
An advantage of mixed-species exhibits is that animals can find a playmate when visitors do not seem to be so playful. In the following video the male ostrich (Strutio camelus) seems neither to be very playful; he rather wants to chase the giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis) away from his territory. However, since adult giraffes are more than twice as tall as the ostrich, he is trying it only with a giraffe calf of almost the same height as him. However, in the absence of another playmate, it is a very good game for the giraffe.

Mongooses are very playful animals, so they like to play with anything, not only with other animals, but with toys too. If you don’t believe it, take a kiddie pool, fill it with colourful balls, and give it to a group of banded mongooses (Mungos mungo). Or if you miss one or more of these three things, watch the following video, because the zookeepers in Houston Zoo have done it.

Elajos’ collection:

Wrestling with Kung Fu Pandas
Do you think working with cute animals is a recreation only? Then watch this video and you will see how difficult can even such a simple thing as giving medicine to two playful panda cubs be. Both side displays some unique Kung Fu techniques but the keeper shows the most impressive trick: twirling a panda around the waist. It can be useful whenever you may need to feed a bear cub which climbs on your back!

Throw and run!
These irritating humans are doing something next to my home again. It is so annoying. Hmm… I have an idea. I will throw something at them. But they must not suspect what I plan! What do I throw? Maybe this handful of soil and grass… yes, that is good enough. So, attack! Yes, it hit! And now let’s leave quickly, avoid being noticed! Mission accomplished!

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