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Christmas Moments in Zoos

We would like to give some nice Christmas moments as Christmas gift below.

Strange friendship

Is the end of the world coming? Do predators and their prey make peace and live together as friends forever? Or is this only a story about a brave goat and a shy tiger – nothing more? It is not uncommon that a potential prey doesn’t behave like a victim and confuses a strong predator. I remember a crucian that had lived for more than a year together with a snapping turtle in a small vivarium – the turtle kept eating fish as it did before, except its partner. The prey lost its anonymity and became a social individual in the life of a carnivore, and we – usually – don’t eat our friends… Nevertheless, it could also be interpreted as a fairy tale and everybody could write touching parables about the power of… something – optionally. I have to admit, it is really heart-warming at Christmas time.

Sunny Christmas at Sydney Zoo

Why do we think that Christmas means snow and cold? It is an ego-, er, geocentric view of the people of the Northern hemisphere. For example, in Australia these days are warm. But there is at least one common point: giving presents to each other and being happy about it, since we know that receiving gifts is always better than giving... And the chimpanzees in Sydney Zoo confirmed this item, as you can see in this video.

Christmas tree lovers

Imagine the crowd of retired Christmas trees together – it would be a huge forest. What should we do with them after the holidays? You can see an option here: giving some of them to the animals who will be really happy to receive them.

Santa’s reindeers are relaxing

While Santa Claus is at work during Christmas, his reindeers are relaxing. Where? Maybe in Los Angeles Zoo

Animals love Christmas gifts as well

In Colchester Zoo animals also get Christmas gifts. Many animals like the colourful boxes and spend a lot of time trying to access their favourite food. Then again some animals like the Christmas tree more than the gifts.

We wish a Merry Christmas for all readers of ZOOmoments!

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