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Funny zoo moments of 2015

As we closed 2014 with some funny moments, we would also like to close the year 2015 with an easy compilation. Have fun and have a happy New Year in 2016!


Orangutans (Pongo spp.) are possibly the trickiest apes, the mischief-making heroes of many funny zoo stories. It is not a surprise that they are the animals who can appreciate the art of magic, as you can see in this video taken in Barcelona Zoo.


Escaping leopard – how could that be funny?

Unfortunately, many tragic animal attacks were published in the world news. Except in Japan, where only giant plush animals escape regularly. These cute monsters are more funny than fearful for us, but as we can see, the Japanese zoo workers consider the situation serious. Good work!


Morbid fun in Mexican style

Zoos receive millions of visitors, including some applicants for the Darwin Award. It is not a surprise considering the law of large numbers, even if we sometimes feel that zoos attract these people more… This girl, who attempted to win this award in Monterrey Zoo, finally survived her stupidity, but at least this athletic idiotism made her world famous.


Walrus vocalizations

The walrus is one of the rarest animals kept in zoos, so it is worth listening to this male’s vocal repertoire!


Honey badger trying to escape

In case anyone is planning an enclosure for honey badgers, just make sure that the wall or fence reaches the proper high. Do not forget to bear in mind the number of moveable objects in the exhibit!

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