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Terms of use, copyright and disclaimer

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use below comprise the terms regarding the use of the web site zoomoments.com and all of its sub-pages (hereafter: Site), which you (hereafter: the User) accept by using the Site. The Site is an information site concerned with the world of zoos.
The pictures, graphical elements and writings are made by the named authors (hereafter: Editorial Staff or Staff).
If you have a question or a remark concerning the Site, please contact us as under >>Contact<<.

1. Regulations regarding intellectual property

The contents of the Site are the intellectual property of the Staff (unless noted otherwise) and as such are protected by copyright laws. The Staff reserves all rights regarding the use of the content published on the Site (text and graphics, built-in pictures and visual elements, photographs, etc...). Use of any content or any part of the content of the Site is allowed only with the prior, express, written permission of the Staff.

The User may save or print certain parts of the Site on his/her computer solely for the User’s private use that does not serve any direct or indirect business purpose. However, the User is not authorized to further use, distribute, store in a database, make downloadable or commercially release any part of the Site copied as mentioned above.
The User may adopt content from the Site on condition that the User only adopts the first written section and one picture belonging to the content, leaving them unmodified, and that the User makes an exact and well visible reference to the Site at every adoption and publication.
The Staff reserves the right to edit and moderate content (text, pictures, etc...) submitted by third party authors. Furthermore, by submitting content, third party authors irrevocably consent to publishing the content, however they are still protected by copyright laws.
In case of unauthorized use or use exceeding the limits of authorization, the Staff has the right to initiate legal procedures corresponding to the nature of the violation of law.
This declaration is considered a prohibitive declaration as described in Hungary’s Act about Copyright 1999/LXXVI 36. § (2) Section.

2. Privacy Policy

The Staff declares the following regulation containing our principles of managing and protecting data, and recognizes it as obligatory to the Staff.
The legal claim of data management is willing consent, by registering to the Site the User gives his/her express consent to the Staff managing his/her data.
The Staff will not hand over the User’s data to third parties! However, this does not pertain to certain obligatory data transfers required by law in extraordinary cases. The Staff will examine before each data request by the authorities whether the claim for data transfer is legitimate. The Staff will cooperate with authorities acting in these cases.
A registered User may deny and/or forbid giving his/her public data.
The whole Site can be read publicly, its data can be accessed publicly, it can be searched.
The personal data found in the contact information of the Site serve the purposes of informing the Users and providing opportunities for contact. Any use of personal data other than those uses included in this section is regarded as an abuse of personal data.

Relating legislation:

Act 2011/CXII
Act 1995/CXIX
Act 2001/CVIII
Act 2008/XLVIII

3. Disclaimer

Content written by third parties does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Staff. The Staff strives to proceed with its work in completely good faith in all cases considering available information at the moment. However the Staff reserves the right of correction because of the possibility of information disclosed later.
The Staff reserves the right to moderate or delete comments if those comments violate the basic human rights of someone or if they arouse hatred. For more information see our Moderation Principles.
The Staff is not responsible for any damage of the Users occurring from accessing or using the Site or from the User not being able to access or use the Site for a reason that cannot be held against the Staff.
The Staff is not responsible for external content, its correctness, changes, the errors of links. The Staff will delete or modify the reference to external content if requested by the authorized supplier.
Advertisements appearing on the Site contain information by the manufacturers and vendors, the Staff is not responsible for their content.

4. Other Regulations

The Staff reserves the right to modify the present Terms of Use at any time. The changes come into effect on the day they are published on the Modified Terms of Use page.
The prevailing laws of Hungary apply to issues not discussed in the present regulations.

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